Your Car Can Stop Climate Change


No, really, it can. And we don’t mean an electric car or a solar car or even that foot-powered thing Fred Flintstone drove. You see, at BUWA and Encore Green, we have created a method whereby oilfield by-product water is cleaned up and used to turn the surrounding arid brown dirt into a green land, filled with grassland or other vegetation.

And if you have vegetation, what do have? Anyone? Anyone?

You have photosynthesis. That’s right, you remember photosynthesis? It’s that word you missed in the spelling bee when you were a kid. But it’s also the key to carbon sequestration.

(No, we don’t get paid extra to use big words.)

Carbon sequestration is getting rid of the carbon dioxide in our air. And during a plant’s photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is pulled out of the air and stored in the plant’s root and soil. 

So, one key to getting rid of carbon out of our air is to create more vegetation.

And what is it that will transform our dry, arid western states into a land filled with carbon capturing vegetation? 

Hint: we said it’s the ARID states. 

Okay, we’ll just tell you: We need water. 

No water – no vegetation. No vegetation - no carbon cleaning.

That’s where BUWA and Encore Green come in. The missing ingredient has always been water.

Using their patent-pending Conservation By-Design method, Encore Green can supply water to that arid land to create those carbon mitigating plants.  

How? The nearby oilfields are producing billions of gallons of by-product water that is currently just thrown away. Instead, that water is cleaned up and then put out onto the land to turn the brown dirt into green grassland or other types of vegetation. Vegetation is good for many things, including cleaning up our air.

So, back to the beginning. How does driving your car get rid of carbon? Well, with Conservation By-Design, just getting the gasoline for your car has a by-product --- cleaner air.  

All we have to add is water. Let us show you how. And we won’t make you spell photosynthesis.