It’s the Vegetation, Stupid


We have spent billions of dollars to try to mitigate climate change. We’ve spent time in labs developing products, we’ve given away government incentives to use products we think will help, and we’ve spent quite a lot on marketing the message. But we haven’t yet tried the one thing that will work.


Nature has its own way of getting rid of carbon in the air and it doesn’t come with a billion-dollar price tag. We can swap carbon for oxygen by plants and trees doing what plants and trees do. They take in carbon and use it themselves and then release oxygen into the air. 

Plants and trees are a carbon dioxide vacuum cleaner.

But in the arid Western states, this simple process won’t work because we don’t have water to make those plants and trees grow.

 Or do we? 

We actually have billions of gallons of water in each state, each year, ready to get Mother Nature’s carbon mitigating “machine” turning. 

That water is the by-product water coming from industry, primarily oil wells. It gets cleaned up through thermal, reverse-osmosis, or other technology, and then, that water can then go on the ground to water vegetation. Plants grow. Carbon is mitigated. And we turn the desert into an oasis.

But it will require a change – and change is often hard. But we can help. Give us a call or drop us a line. Let’s figure this out together.