The Beneficial-Use Water Alliance (BUWA) is building relationships between all by-product water stakeholders.  We connect companies who have water to clean with solutions - bringing all the local and regional stakeholders together in the solution. This is often connecting companies to farmers who need water - and everyone else involved: the State, the environmentalists, and the landowners. Other times, this means creating a conservation strategy for the water that is predicated on the idea of all stakeholders - including the company with the by-product water - winning. 

Relationships are what actually turns by-prodiuct water into beneficial-use.


The Alliance keeps beneficial-use water in front of the energy, manufacturing, and government communities. Together, we have to adjust decades-old policies to better use our by-product water.



The Alliance gathers and publishes news and information that you can use. The Alliance is growing to be the go-to resource for beneficial-use water.



The Alliance provides a service for landowners, ranchers, farmers, and companies to broker agreements for the cleaning and distribution of by-product water for beneficial use. For this, the Alliance receives a royalty position in the water being cleaned and distributed.

The Alliance also gives opportunity to all involved to join them in The Water Works Foundation, which takes proceeds from the water cleaning and uses those funds for grants to provide clean water to the under-served of our world


“Turning industry by-product water into beneficial-use is no longer theory. At Encore Green, we have done it. Now, BUWA is the key to bringing everyone together in a win-win-win-win scenario to make our ‘throw away water’ beneficial to us all!”
— Marvin Nash, General Manager, Encore Green, LLC