It’s Not That Easy Being Green


Kermit the Frog was right. It’s not that easy being green. He meant that when you’re a frog, you kind of blend into things. Today, ‘green’ means a lot of things and everybody has defined it a little bit to fit their own tastes.

Encore GREEEN, the conservation and agriculture company, has found it’s not easy being green also. We get Kermit.

Everybody thinks they know what you mean when we say that Encore Green and BUWA are ‘green.’ 

Some people think that means we want fossil fuels to be a thing of the past by next Tuesday. Or we want our nation to be dependent on other countries for oil – countries that don’t have a really great record of being that stable or friendly to us.

But it doesn’t. We stand on the side of the land, not the side of lobbyists for the environmentalists or lobbyists for the oil companies. We want to keep drilling alive, but we want it to also be responsible and – with Conservation By-Design – provide billions of gallons of by-product water to the arid West. 

We want the soil to not blow away with the winds. We want grassland producing more oxygen into the air to sequester the carbon. We want vegetation of all types to grow, benefiting us all.

But, because we are on the side of the land, people don’t understand that there is new position to hold.

It’s not easy being green. But join with us. We’ll make it easy.