Whose Side Are You On?


Today it’s all about sides, right? Are you on THEIR side or OUR side? Whether it’s politics or what-to-get-outraged-about-today or it’s simply a football game at the local high school, we all want to know whose side you’re on.

These days people are asking whose side BUWA and Encore Green are on.

This is easy. 

We’re not on your side, environmentalists, at least not completely. 

We’re not on your side, oil companies, at least not completely. 

We’re all so busy drawing battle lines and handing out t-shirts for our team, that we have not realized there’s another side to be on.

We’re on the land’s side.

We’re on the side of Mother Nature who has lots of dirt in these arid states that is parched and thirsty. Soil is made to grow things. The only difference between the brown landscape and a bright green landscape is water. Water grows things and fulfills what dirt is all about.

We’re on the side of growing things to stop soil erosion, grow vegetation, mitigate the carbon in our air, thought carbon sequestration. We’re on the side of the land and from the very beginning we defined ourselves as being a good steward 

So, come on over to the land’s side. It’s not our side. It was here before us and it will be here when we’re gone. We just want to leave it in better shape than we found it.

The Land’s Side. Join us.