The Environmental Hero Medal is Waiting – Who Wants It?


Everybody wants to be a hero for the environment. But, lately, there’s very few people who are willing to pick up the medal and put it on.

At BUWA and Encore Green, we have the medal right here. It’s nice and shiny. It’s ready for you. All you have to do is put it on and start putting cleaned-up oilfield by-product water to work, watering our arid soil.

If you do that, Mr. or Ms. Hero, then that means dry land turns into conservation-friendly grasslands that increase the health of the soil. Heck, it keeps it from blowing away. 

It ALSO means there’s GREATER oxygen in the air and LESS carbon dioxide. In fact, you’d be a hero of carbon sequestration (fancy name for photosynthesis which pulls the carbon into the vegetation).  

You could help the oil companies stop putting questionable water into injection wells. 

You’d help ranchers have water for their land. 

You’d keep the aquifer full because it’s not being drained for ag and conservation. 

You’d be a hero. 

The medal is waiting. Give a call. Maybe the medal fits you!