Is Water Our Friend or Our Enemy?


We can only go without water for 3 or 4 days. We need it to keep our body functioning. We use it to brew the magic elixir we call coffee, as well as to cook our vegetables. We need it to grow said vegetables, and our livestock drink it every day. 

So, water is our friend.

But water can turn deadly. Just ask anyone in a hurricane’s path. Or anyone who climbs on their roof to avoid flood waters running down the street. We can drown in only a few inches of water. 

So, water is our enemy. 

But sometimes it can be both.

Many industries throughout out land create water as a by-product of what they’re doing – like drilling for oil, keeping warehouses cool, or creating fertilizer. This water has been deemed our enemy, fit for nothing but to push back down into the ground or hope it evaporates in a pond during hot weather. Bad, enemy by-product water.

But, Encore Green and BUWA know something about that “enemy” water and that it can be rehabilitated and that water can change sides. By-product water can become our friend. When it becomes our friend, we call it beneficial-use water.

Yes, hurricaines aside, water is our friend. And by-product water can be cleaned on-site and then applied to the surrounding land for agriculture or for conservation use, helping everybody win.

So, if you have enemy by-product water, let Encore Green turn it into your friend.