You Want The Good News Or The Bad News First?


Okay, we’ll pick for you.

Here’s the bad news:

The aquifers – those places underground where we get water – are dangerously low in many regions and near growing cities. The aquifers provide water for industry, your house, your business, and the farmer who grows your food. Running dry is bad news.

Here’s the good news:

The oil and manufacturing industries have billions of by-product water that they inject in the ground or evaporate. In effect, throw it away. We’re talking billions of gallons a month.

Wait . . . how is that good news?

It’s good news because, today, industrial by-product doesn’t water haveto go down the drain. There is a good news solution. 

This by-product water can be cleaned and used for the agriculture industry to water crops. Beneficial-use water is the official name for it. If the aquifer water isn’t used for ag, then there’s more water available to come out of your kitchen tap.

So, we’re good. The problem is solved. We only have good news.

Well, there’s actually still some bad news

You see, change is hard to embrace. And Industry is content with the way things are, even though injection wells are responsible for increased seismic activity and when the water is put in the ground it doesn’t always stay where you tell it to. Industry knows that injection well permits are getting harder to come by. Industry knows that the injection wells are getting full. Industry knows that evaporation ponds are called skating rinks in many areas like Wyoming most of the year. 

And yet, industry is slow to embrace change. So, that’s the good news and the bad news. We thought you should know. Because this bad news can become good news with just one decision.

Here’s to clear thinking on the part of industry’s key decision makers. Let ‘em know we want good news.