At Encore Green and BUWA, we have done the deed of taking industrial by-product water and converting it to beneficial-use water to grow crops. And yet, many are still balking at the idea of doing it. We keep hearing reasons why it won’t work. But we’ve already solved the industry’s issues of financial feasibility, liability, and permitting.

So…..what’s the excuse now? Is it that we like the idea of throwing water away? Surely not.


The Economics. Right now, whatever the industry (oil field, manufacturing, data centers, etc.) pays to “dispose” of (you’re not really disposing, only moving)  by-product water, Encore Green can match that price. You’re paying to collect the water, maybe clean it up, truck or pipe it to a facility, and you have the cost of the “disposal” itself. We’ll do it for that price or better.


The Liability.   The responsibility of the by-product water transfers to Encore Green when the water itself transfers to our holding tanks for testing and cleaning. We can do this because as part of our normal process, we are already testing the quality of the water before, during, and after it’s applied on the land for ag or conservation. You are indemnified.


The Regulations.Encore Green was granted all the permits necessary, including the beneficial-use water permit, to complete their initial, now completed project. We’re not saying it was easy, but we now have the support of those who oversee our water. You are in compliance with the regulators.


Which brings us to . . . well, we’ve solved the concerns and issues. What’s the excuse now?