Innovation is Easy – Adoption is Hard


Innovative solutions to business problems are most often created when problem solving collides with creativity. Sometimes, a new way of working comes slowly, one tiny idea droplet after another. Other times, the innovation arrives full grown like Athena popping out of Zeus’ (or your) cracked skull. 

Hooray! Innovation! We celebrate it. 

 Then, we ignore it.

Wait, what?

Think about it. If you’ve ever tried to take a new idea to the powers that be inside your own company, then, you know how steep the incline. Or worse, if you try to present a great solution to an outside company, you can be eyed like you are trying to sell a Ponzi scheme.

Why? Well, innovation simply causes pain of transition, struggle of new system building, navigation of company role re-alignment, and all of it might involve some degree of risk. 

Even if ‘the way we do things’ is broken, expensive, and we’re reaping all sorts of unintended consequences from that, many of us prefer to ‘stay the course’ and not ‘rock the boat’ and be happy with ‘the devil we know.’

At BUWA and Encore Green, we get it. We know that a new way, even a better way, is hard to think about, especially if your job is primarily to keep the company moving at a frenetic pace, meeting production quotas. Doing something different will be painful.

So, why adopt a new idea?

Because we can’t stay still. The market, competitors, and regulators are all playing a chess game with your business. If you stand still, the work moves on without you.

We simply must innovate. Yes, test. Yes, be wise. Yes, start small. But, start.

Innovation in our particular market, the by-product water that comes from different industries, is going through a massive transition. For anyone with by-product water, the world is now new.

Let’s talk. We’re good at implementing change. 

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