Stop Saying It!


Talking about industrial by-product water, you say, “And then, we dispose of the by-product water by injection….”

We hate to be the ones to tell you,but you’re not doing what you say you’re doing.

You haven’t disposed of any water.

 You’ve just moved it.

The water was in your manufacturing plant or cooling your products or came up when you drilled for oil. And now you got millions of gallons of water to dispose of. 

So, you hire a By-Product Water Disposal Company. They get it off your property, yes. But they only move it to an underground well. Now, the water is doing, well, we don’t know what it’s doing or where it’s going once it’s in the injection well. But that’s okay, right. You’ve “disposed” of it.

Traditional disposal companies are really just moving companies.

At BUWA and Encore Green, we do something different. We don’t just move the water, we re-purpose it and turn it into beneficial-use for conservation or agriculture.  By-product water is an industrial headache – but it can be an opportunity. 

At BUWA and Encore Green, we’ve already done this. 

We jumped through

  • technology hoops
  • regulatory hoops
  • liability hoops
  • economic viability hoops

We technically can clean the waterto match the ag or conservation use. We have proven that we can get permits to put the water out onto the land. We assume 100% responsibilityfor the water when it leaves your custody. And, we can do it for what you’re spendingto “dispose” of it. 

It works. So, if you need some industrial by-product water moved, we’re the ones for the job. Only thing is, we won’t move it. We’ll transform it!

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