Water Rights = What’s Right


Jefferson and the boys spelled out our rights in black and white, there in the Declaration of Independence. They wrote that we each “are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.” That’s the rights we have just because we’re us. Those are high and noble rights.

The federal and state government also endow us with certain rights, not because we’re us, but because we pay money. Therefore, we can buy “water rights.”

But rights are not a license.

We think of rights that way sometimes. We think water rights means that we own it and can do what we like.

But in reality, most western states own the water in their state, even if water rights have been granted. And there are quite a number of people employed at the county, state, and federal level with lots of regulations to ensure you do just one thing: 

You do what’s right with the water.

At BUWA and our sister company, Encore Green, we are sounding the clarion call to all industries that produce water as a by-product of their main industry to simply do what’s right with their water and their rights. 

Here’s the catch: There is no catch.

BUWA and Encore Green will redirect what is being paid to dispose of the water and, instead, put it to beneficial-use for ag and conservation. You know, do what’s right.

We are in some major discussions with good men and women who want to do what’s right. And, of course, we’ve met with some who don’t.

But we know that when it comes to water, the good guys are going to win. Because deep down inside, we all know what’s right to do with water rights.  

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