Corporate Industry Stops Climate Change! (You Should Read the Whole Post, Though)


It’s not Fake News. But, it is POSSIBLE news. News that if we start taking strides could become a reality. 

See, at Beneficial-Use Water Alliance and Encore Green, we’ve recently made friends with the Natural Resources Conservation Service. We explained the idea of turning manufacturing and oilfield by-product water into beneficial-use water for nearby agricultural purposes. But they pointed out that even if there is no nearby ag use, then the by-product water still could be put to beneficial-use for conservation.

More water means better grass. Better grass means better carbon production. Better carbon production means more photosynthesis. And that helps reduce the concerns over climate change. 

So, with our green process, the corporate industries that produce by-product water can be helping to halt climate change.

Now, THAT’S a headline we can’t wait to see!


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