Got By-Product Water? We Got Solutions.


We’ve been making strides in what’s becoming a movement in turning oilfield by-product water into beneficial-use water for ag.

But it’s not just for oilfields anymore.

We have bumped into all sorts of people who have a water problem. Their industry – and the industries vary – all make great products, but end up with a whole lot of by-product water that they need to do something with.

What’s better than putting it to conservation use? 

Why not grow better grass on your property? Or, actually grow a crop? Put that water to use instead of throwing it away? 

We all get:  Better soil. Better oxygen and carbon in the environment. Better vegetation.

We work with the USDA and NRCS in helping to increase conservation

If you got water, we got solutions. Give us a call. You’ll find us over there with the green grass.   818.470.0285. #beneficialusewater #BUWA   #green