The Real History of the West -Water


The real history of the West didn’t actually turn on the quick draw of a gunslinger. The history of the West actually has always turned on one thing -- and that’s water.

The desire of our state’s forefathers (and U.S. Congress a few dozen sessions ago) was to see the West settled and thriving. Lots of choices were made and now, today, this desolate, semi-arid land has turned into cities, industries, ranches, and farms. 

That’s the good news. We’re all here.

Here’s the tough news: We’re thirsty. And want to wash our clothes. And to water our crops. And give our cows something to drink.

We have to find a way to make the aquifers last for all of us who are here. Yet the demand increasingly inches its way to overtaking the supply.

However, using the spirit of our forefathers who found innovative ways to accomplish the hard to achieve, we can use a simple solution: Let’s use the water we already have.

Many of the West’s great industries produce water as a by-product of their main business endeavor. 

This water can be cleaned and put to beneficial use for agricultural and conservation use. And if we’re using THAT water for beneficial reasons, then we can keep more water in the aquifer for all our needs like a drink of water or to wash the dinner dishes. 

And that’s the good news! We just have to start. Give us a call. We’ll buy you a glass of water.

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