Going (Literally) Green


Are you trying to “go green” in the new year? Well, Encore GREEN already has gone green in their solution for oilfield by-product water. They are literally going green, like really green. You know, like the color green in your kid’s crayon box. 

If you’re in the western oil producing states, take a look at the land surrounding the oil wells. Go ahead, look. What do you see?  

You see brown. You see cracked, dry, thirsty brown dirt that doesn’t see the color green because it rarely receives much water. But if you look next to those oil wells, you’ll see millions of gallons of oil well by-product water right there, where the soil so urgently needs water. 

Encore Green is all about cleaning that very water by removing the elements that won’t help the soil grow vegetation. Once cleaned, the brown dirt has green grassland. Then, you got vegetation. If you got vegetation, what do you then have? Think back to your 5th grade science book: if you have vegetation, you have oxygen. And with extra oxygen comes less carbon.

So, by using the GREEN solution of Encore Green, the world gets less carbon, more oxygen, and the barren wastelands become an oasis.

That’s the solution. Give us a call and we’ll start your land, your oil well, or your by-production water going green.  818.470.0285 or Director@BeneficialUseWaterAlliance.com