Got Skin in the ‘Water Game’?


We think we might be on to something. You see, we meet all types of people from all types of jobs, as we are wrangling all types of stakeholders together to transform industrial water into beneficial-use for ag and conservation. 

We find a lot of people smiling and nodding and if we had a dollar for each expression of moral support, we’d be dining at much better restaurants these days. But, we think we have realized one of the big obstacles to transforming these Western states by putting an abundance of water on our land:

Too many people who are involved have no skin in the game.

Ever hear that joke, at breakfast you can see commitment. The chicken contributed the eggs and participated, but the pig contributed the bacon and that was commitment.

We have too many chickens in the water game. 

We call them stakeholders, but they don’t have a personal stake in seeing the West solve its water issues.

> They pull a paycheck each week, even if they keep throwing away billions of gallons of water.

> They get their bonus if they keep the by-product water machine running – not if they innovate and stop injecting questionable water into a questionable hole in the ground.

> They get grants and pilot projects going, which proves all sorts of things, but changes nothing. Except it sets up their next grant, which does nothing. Except it sets up, well, you get the idea.

What we need are people who will catch the vision of what the West looks like if the oilfield by-product water is cleaned up and creates green vegetation where there’s now only a lot of brown dust.

In short, do you have skin in the game?

If we keep doing things exactly as we do – and suffer the consequences of potentially contaminated ground water and a dry aquifer – do you care?

We have skin in the game. Come on, join our team. Give us a call:

818.470.0285 or