What Injection Wells Haven’t Done For You Lately (Caution: Snarky Commentary)


So, you think injecting the oilfield by-product water’s a good idea? Well, other than putting off until tomorrow what you should deal with today, it’s not really doing that much for you:

> Injection doesn’t dispose of the by-product water. You just change its address from oilfield to the injection well. Pretty soon you’ll have to deal with what that water’s been doing underground and what it’s made of. But for today, sure, go ahead and tell yourself you disposed of it. 

> Injection doesn’t know the water’s makeup when you shove it into the ground. You know, since it’s a trade secret and all that. Only a couple of engineers from the oil company know for sure what chemicals are now underground. And they’re not talking.

> Injection doesn’t know where the water really goes once in the ground. Sure, close your eyes and turn on the injection pump. But injection can’t guarantee you it stays in the well. Sometimes water in the vast underground caverns gets a mind of its own. And no, it won’t apply for a permit from the EPA to wander around underground.

> Injection is a poor solution which continues to perpetuate the idea that drilling is bad for the environment. And, well, you’re injecting or allowing to be injected water of unknown chemical makeup into a dark hole with no way to know where it goes from there. So, if you don’t care about the future of drilling, go ahead and inject. 

> Injection has never made the water grow a single blade of grass. It hasn’t kept away erosion or provided livestock watering or growing of alfalfa. It hasn’t helped the environment by sending oxygen into the air. It hasn’t protected the aquifer by not using the aquifer water for ag or fracking. Conservation By-Design will tell you exactly what the water going on the land is made of and we’ll let everyone know, because the water will have been cleaned and scientifically matched to the surrounding soil. 

Not injecting and, instead, transforming that water into beneficial-use will do all that.

So, the choice is yours. I think you might see where we stand. How about you?