Water Is The Biggest #BigIdeas2019


LinkedIn has launched #BigIdeas2019 to track what we all see as the big ideas for this coming year. Well, that’s easy to answer.

We have seen the future and the future is water. And by “future” we mean later this afternoon.

You see, you’ll want a drink of water sometime today. And tomorrow as well.  We need water. We all know that.

So, what’s the big idea? 

To explain it, we have to back up a little. For the arid, western states, the end goal is to protect the aquifer so we have water to drink. How we do that is the Big Idea. 

To protect the aquifer, we need to first see who all takes water out of it. Well, agriculture and conservation take water out of the aquifer. But, we want to also keep eating, so agriculture needs to keep getting water. And we need to protect the soil and the land for future use, so conservation needs to keep getting water out, too.

Here’s the big idea: Let’s give agriculture and conservation a NEW source of water.

Let’s take the BILLIONS of gallons of by-product water that comes from oilfields and manufacturing, clean it up to match the needs of the surrounding soil, and let’s use THAT water for agriculture and conservation, instead of the aquifer. Vegetation grows. Carbon is reduced. The aquifer is protected.

Conservation By-Design is a new method to accomplish just that. That’s the big idea – but here’s the thing: Encore Green, LLC  has used their Conservation By-Design method in a pilot project to turn the idea into reality. So, it’s actually the #BigReality2019.

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