What the EPA Gets Right


While the IRS is probably our least favorite government agency, many may feel the EPA runs a close second. 

But -- here’s something that the Clean Water Act and the EPA get right for the people out West.

The Clean Water Act says the by-product water from an oilfield cannot be applied to the land. 

HOWEVER – if that land is west of the 98thMeridian, you can apply the water if it’s beneficial-use to the land. It’s noted as Subpart E of the law and allows some amazing opportunities for conservation and agriculture in our arid and semi-arid states.

The 98thMeridian – you can google it – essentially runs in the US from the middle of North Dakota, all the way down through Texas. It covers the arid western states that, thanks to new technology and Encore Green’s Conservation By-Design methodology, can have much-needed water to create grasslands for erosion mitigation or for agriculture. 

The land is thirsty and the EPA knows that. This Subpart E, should be considered the BigPart E for Ecology because with this exception to the Law we can have plenty of water to water our land.

Conservation By-Design. Ready to water a land near you.

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