What You Got Against Oilfield By-Product Water?

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Oilfield by-product water is bad, bad, bad. Right? What if we told you it could get cleaned up, hair combed, and put on a suit and tie? What if this water that -- frankly, we have way too much of -- could become beneficial-use water and used for agriculture and conservation?

You probably wouldn’t believe us. 

But, well, that doesn’t mean it’s not true. 

See, oilfield by-product water is in need of cleaning because of its makeup. There are a number of technologies, primarily thermal or reverse osmosis, which can pull out the undesirable elements and keep in the good things, like the right amount of nitrogen. You end up with  clean water that is perfectly matched to the surrounding land. 

Encore Green’s Conservation By-Design™ provides the patent-pending methodology to these technologies in order to apply the water for good use. And yet, everyone from placard-carrying environmentalists to the regulators to the regular person on the street is suffering from a prejudice against this water. And this is despite scientific data on the post-cleaned water’s makeup, declaring it clean and ideal to apply to the land or to have cattle drink.

America loves rags to riches story. We like the story of the boy or girl who lives on the wrong side of town, struggles, but eventually grows up to be the mayor of the city. It’s a great story, right? 

Well, that’s the story of oilfield produced water. It’s was born on the wrong side of the oilfield, but it’s gotten an education and is quite virtuous now. 

Why hang on to old ideas that are keeping this water from being the solution to our arid land?

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