If It Quacks Like A Duck


If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then we say it’s a duck, right? 

But when it comes to oilfield by-product water that has been cleaned and tested, proving scientifically that the water is ideally matched to go out on our lands or watering troughs, we say that it’s still “not a duck.”

What does the water have to do? Be tested? Well, using the Conservation By-Design™ method it is tested. If it fails, it’s cleaned up until it passes the test and gets an A+. 

Yet, we are victims of our own past and prejudices. Oilfield by-product water can be cleaned and put out on the land to grow crops, mitigate erosion, water herds, and any other ag or conservation task.

But we have to decide that if it looks like clean water, smells like clean water, and tests like clean water – it’s clean water!