When’s a Good Time to Make the Oil Industry Better?


The oil industry is a boom or bust proposition – always has been and probably always will be. Despite 5 year plans, we know that the market is volatile because the variables are diverse and out of any one industry’s control.

But still. . . . 

Can’t we quit saying that the time isn’t right to find a better solution for our oilfield by-product water that we’re injecting into the ground? 

Injection has a mountain of problems and an uncertain regulatory approved future. 

Yet we find that – 

> When oil is booming, no one wants to worry about changing ANYTHING. Come on, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

> When oil is busting, everyone is in panic mode and the decision makers are consumed with cutting expenses and what they’re supposed to tell the stockholders. Nobody has time to adopt a better way of doing things – it’s survival mode.

> And then, there’s the time we’re in now. Not busting, but not really booming – certainly not as big we all want. But even with a steady-as-she-goes market, we STILL don’t want to find a better solution than the status quo when it comes to the uncleaned, by-product water that we’re forcing back into the land.

So, when will we adopt a better way? 

·     When the regulators stop granting permits and there’s nowhere to put the by-product water? 

·     When injection causes some catastrophe like an earthquake or contamination and there’s nowhere to put the water? 

Why don’t we use this time when we aren’t busting or booming to figure out a better path before we end up with water that’s all dressed up but nowhere to go!