This Changes Everything


In less than 3 days, Encore Green is going to apply barrels of beneficial-use water onto grassland of a Cheyenne rancher. Until recently, that water went by a lot of bad names – “wastewater” or “produced water.” It had come out of an oil well and, like it’s hole companion crude oil, it was in need of refining. 

So, Encore Green jumped through the regulatory, economic, and scientific hoops to first test the grassland soil for its makeup and then clean the oilfield water to match those soil specs. And then, just for good measure, re-tested the water to make sure it was clean and ideal for vegetation growth. 

Now, on Monday the 29th, the water is going to be applied to the land. 

Think for just a moment about our arid western lands watered in this way. Could you use some more water on your land? Could you use more water in your aquifer since it’s not going for ag or frackkng? Don’t you think the land desires this kind of stewardship?

If you’re in the Cheyenne area, drop by. We’d love to say hi. For an invitation, just email Jeff Holder at  Because after Monday, everything changes!


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