Cancel the Crusades. We Found the West’s Holy Grail


Not THAT Holy Grail. 

No, we’ve found the thing that Buffalo Bill, Brigham Young, Francis Newlands, and even Teddy Roosevelt tried to find out here in the West: Water.

You think your State has water? Maybe ask them. Most States are facing aquifers that are in critical danger now OR have some pretty scary projections about the coming few years. 

But the Beneficial-Use Water Alliance has discovered water – the thing that turns our semi-arid land into farms, ranches, towns and cities. And, turns out, we had the water along. It’s the water gushing out of the oil wells at a pretty brisk pace. 

The only trouble is, that water is by-product water and it needs processing before it can be used for anything beneficial. To clean it, it has to get trucked to an expensive facility, so, the easiest thing to do is inject it back into the land or let it evaporate. Sure, you could clean it, but it will cost a zillion or so to do that. 

Until now.

Beneficial-Use Water Alliance, working with Encore Green, has a new methodology to turn this by-product water into beneficial-use for ag and other conservation applications – inside an economic model that doesn’t cost more. And could cost less.

If we aren’t having to use the aquifer water for ag, what do we end up with – the Holy Grail of any dry climate: bountiful water in the aquifer. 

We just have to get all the stakeholders to the Round Table and talk. Let’s start with you, visit us at

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