Who's Fault Is It Anyway?


Man, oh man, let’s not forget about the whole issue of liability for the buy-product water that comes out of the oil wells. 

Our whole society is ridiculously litigious and many seem to have a “lie-ability” when it comes their skill to get money from someone without warrant. (See what we did there with “liability”?)

But, let’s ask this question – which has more risk: Putting by-product water into the ground and spinning the roulette as to what will happen. Or, making it beneficial-use for ag and other conservation applications where, as part of the workflow, the water is carefully monitored.

Injection you have all sorts of weak links like trucking, earthquakes, pipeline issues, and no one is monitoring that water from a scientific standpoint to see what it’s going to do in the ground.

The reality is that many days, you are only a few steps away from a class action suit. 

But, turning it into beneficial-use establishes a process where the water is monitored to avoid any problems. 

Come on over to the beneficial-use water side. Because, we figure you have other things to do with your money than pay insurance premiums.