The World Needs More Cowboys


Recently, the University of Wyoming took some grief because of their slogan, “The World Needs More Cowboys.” 

Could someone please publish a list of politically correct things we can or cannot say because, well, nobody wants to get in trouble with the Thought Police.

Except Cowboys.

And that’s why we agree with the slogan and have discovered (the hard way) that when it comes to blazing trails about bringing water to our arid land in the West, we are surprisingly in short supply of true Cowboys (despite the many belt buckles and hats that we see).

Cowboys are willing to seek innovation over complacency, new solutions over inferior ones, protecting the environment over bureaucracy, and are willing to go against the status quo because the status quo never came up with something new. 

So, our friends at the ranch or the oilfield or the regulation office or anyone who drinks water…..are you a Cowboy?