Knowledge Gap? No, Synergy Gap


Do we have a “knowledge gap” about industrial by-product water? Well, some say we do. 

They say we don’t know how to clean the water properly. Or that we don’t know what by-product water is made of. They say we can’t make it work economically for the industrial side and can’t make it work effectively for the conservation side.

Are they right? We answer with a big, fat “no.” We don’t have a knowledge gap – we have a synergy gap.

It’s true that the oil companies don’t know how to grow vegetation on the land. And it’s true that the conservationists and ranchers don’t know how to efficiently get oil out of the ground to the refinery. The engineers don’t know about the economics of it all, and the CFOs have other things to figure out instead of soil or water science. 

Until now.

What has been needed all along is for someone – in this case Encore Green and BUWA – to understand the needs of each of the different people and groups involved and pool each of their bits of knowledge together, into a synergistic whole.

That’s the gap to close – and that’s what BUWA and Encore Green are all about. There is no knowledge gap IF we bring all the spheres of knowledge together. 

Guess what? There’s no IF. We’ve already done it. 

So, let’s stop talking about how you know this, but don’t know that. We’ve talked to all of you (or at least all of you in each area of expertise) and we have a solution to effectively take industrial by-product water, clean it up, and put it on the ground for conservation and agriculture.

Now, the only knowledge gap is if you decide you want to remain ‘un-knowledgeable’ of this fact.