Science! It’s Not Just About Lab Coats

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Our view of a scientist is too limited. Sure, we picture an absent-minded genius in a lab coat standing before a blackboard filled with mathematical equations. Or we picture an Ivy League science lab with multi-million-dollar equipment, expanding theoretical horizons. We see science is something that is limited to the chosen few who live sequestered in the ivory tower. We believe that their science is true. They are at an east or west coast university and, well, they wear those lab coats and use big words. So, their scientific pursuits must be real. And there’s plenty of women and men like this, doing great work.

But we have discovered among some communities, especially those dealing with our environment, that these lab coated, Ivy League scientists are the only ones to be believed. Instead, at Beneficial-Use Water Alliance and Encore Green Environmental, we know that science is science.

In contrast to these images of the absent-minded professor, there’s an army of brilliant scientists, working in the real world of agriculture who conduct both theoretical and applied sciences to the field of agriculture and agronomy.

And at every meal, we enjoy their success. See, once upon a time, a grower was fortunate to grow enough for just his family. In the 1930’s the farmer could feed 4 people. By 1960, a farmer fed 26 people. Now, thanks to the theoretical and applied work of ag scientists, one grower feeds 155 people. This isn’t because we have better tractors – it’s because ag science has improved. 

We are pleased to work alongside brilliant men and women who lead us to make sure that all policies and procedures are grounded in science. Expand your mind. Drop your prejudices. Put on some boots and go do science in the dirt.

Let us know what you think.  Director@beneficialusewateralliance.