Beneficial-Use Water is Like a Can of Peas.


At the market, you pick up a can of peas and put it in your basket. But wait, how do you know it’s peas? Well, obviously, it says “Peas” on the label. 

But let’s say you had a flood in the bottom shelf of your pantry and all the labels were soaked off. You couldn’t tell what was in which can for dinner. Tonight, are you having peas? Beans? Dog food? 

You need to be careful because labels tell you what’s inside. That’s why BUWA makes such a big deal over calling the oilfield by-product water “beneficial-use.” Not only is that an official designation, it tells you what it is.

You see beneficial-use water is not just better than by-product water. Its very core DNA has changed – it is a brand-new thing. 

See, the label tells you what it is. Beneficial-use water means you can use it for ag or all sorts of conservation applications. It has lost the stigma of by-product water because it has changed.

That’s the power of a label. Without a label, you’re having Alpo for dinner.