What About By-Product Water Liability? Well, What About It?


Encore Green, the company who works with BUWA to transform the by-product water into beneficial-use water gets this question all the time: Who’s taking responsibility and is liable for the beneficial-use water matching the required specs when it goes on the land

The person asking the question is ready for an army of lawyers, who all will say, “Not me.

Well, the way we look at it is that if Encore Green is doing the testing and cleaning, then they are responsible.

In fact, their patented methodology simply eliminates the whole liability issue because Encore Greens pre-tests and post-tests on a continual basis. It’s not a “one and done” test. The soil and water are matched and the water goes onto the land. Then, both soil and water have monthly tests to make sure that all is as it should be. If not, then adjustments are made. Soil needs will change over time, so we eliminate the liability by constant monitoring.

So, Encore Green will take the liability. Any more questions?

You see, sometimes it seems like questions like this are just reasons to toss rocks at the whole beneficial-use water concept. Liability is a non-issue. So, let’s get started getting the right water on the land!

But we do like questions, though. If you have ‘em, we want to hear ‘em.