Meet The World’s First Agricultural Midstream Company


Most of us who live near oil wells know the terms upstream, midstream, and downstream. The more “down” the stream, the closer to the end user who is filling their gas tank. The more “up” the stream, the closer to the exploration and drilling for oil.

In the middle, the midstream, are where the moving of the oil happens. They’re the logistics folks who make things move from point A to point B with great efficiency.

So, today, we’re declaring ourselves to be the world’s
 first “Agricultural Mid-Stream Company.”

“What was that again?” you say.

When we say “we,” we are talking about two separate companies that do different things. Together, the two companies (with the ranchers, farmers, oil companies, and state government), take the billions of barrels of by-product (i.e. unusable) water from the oil well and turn it into beneficial-use (i.e. usable) water for ag and other applications.

•    The Beneficial-Use Water Alliance is the matchmaker, seeking to pull all the stakeholders together and work out a customized plan for each land parcel where everyone wins. Win-Win-Win-Win-Win has been our mantra since the beginning.

•    Encore Green, LLC does hands-on logistics of cleaning it and then working with the stakeholders for ag or other applications.

See, we’re like the midstream oil companies in function.

Come talk to us. We won’t be able to solve any real headaches – for that we suggest Tylenol. But, we can solve your headache of what you do about having too much by-product water or not having enough good water for your crops, herds, or municipalities.

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