Hello. My Name is Produced Water and I’m a …


Produced water is often treated like that cousin you have who is an alcoholic. He’s part of your family, but you don’t really want to talk about him.

And, even when he gets sober, you still don’t trust him.

Well, produced water is kind of everybody’s cousin, if you live where the E&Ps work. And no matter what is said, you just don’t trust produced water. 

But BUWA has a twelve-step program of sorts for you. Okay, we’re kind of kidding, but not completely:

1. We admit that we have to do something about produced water.

2. We know we need to count on something higher than ourselves to do it (hint: it’s not the government or the E&P’s)

3. We have to engage with someone like BUWA to pull the pieces and technology together.

4. We have to do a searching inventory of where we live, the DNA of our soil, the DNA of the water, proximity to rigs, and who owns all the pieces of land, rights, and machinery.

5. BUWA can facilitate testing the soil and intersect the results with your beneficial-use needs.  

6. Then, we’ll bring all the parties together to have a party—one where everybody ends up better than they were.

7.Then, our cousin, produced water flows out, approximately 3 barrels for every 1 barrel of oil.

8. The water is cleaned with proprietary technology and the beneficial-use process begins.

9. The water is tested to make sure it’s cleaned to match the needs from step 5.

10. The water is now no longer produced water. It’s sobered up. It’s now called beneficial-use water.

11. The beneficial-use water is put on crops or drunk by cows (see how we work in the drinking analogy?). And with beneficial-water put to those uses, the pressure is relieved from the municipalities.

12. The Landowners win. The E&P’s win. The Ranchers and Farmers win. The municipalities win. The government wins.

But first you have to admit you have a problem with produced water. Give us a call. We’ll turn your cousin, produced water, around.