If Dirt Could Talk


If dirt could talk, we know what it’d say. 

But, first, let’s back up. See that plot of land over there in the West with the oilfields?

Everyone says they know what’s best for that land. Industry says there’s valuable oil in it, so we should drill. The environmentalists and regulators say they know what’s best for that soil and they will decide, based upon current political wind-blowing. Land developers see buildings. Hikers see a trail.

Another way to ask this question is, “Who should be in charge of this land?” Or, an even better way to ask the question, “Who is the best STEWARD of the land?”   

Well, if dirt could talk, it would say that the land owner, rancher, and farmer should be in charge of the land because they inherently have a vested interest in the health of that land. They are the ones who will defend it and protect it. They have invested cold,hard cash to have the right to live on it and grow things on it. They have put in lots of sweat and resources to maintain it and make sure the land remains healthy. 

If dirt could talk, it’d say that it’d rather be growing things that benefit people and animals. It’d rather be producing oxygen and soaking up carbon. It’d rather be growing lush, green vegetation that delights the eye and the senses. It’d rather be a solution to our climate issues. It’d rather not sit bone dry with the wind blowing away its top layer. 

That’s why at BUWA and Encore Green, we start with soil science. What does the land need? We “ask” the dirt by conducting extensive testing. When we know what the dirt “says,” we then transform the by-product water into beneficial use water to match exactly what the soil needs. 

Today, the dirt is saying, “Can I have a drink of water?” 

If industry and the regulators would let the land be in charge and we start putting plentiful amounts of beneficial-use water on the land, we know what the dirt will say.

The dirt will say, “Thank you.”