Interview Opportunity

Marvin Nash, General Manager of Encore Green, LLC and Beneficial-Use Water Alliance.

Marvin is available for print, TV, web, and radio interviews to talk about water scarcity and water production.


An Innovative Solution To A Problem Your Audience DOESN'T Realize They Have

Your audience may have heard of so called, “produced water” from the oil fields. But they probably don’t know that last year the oil industry tossed away 882 billion gallons of this by-product water. Yep, right down the drain.

That’d be fine if the aquifers under our feet were plentiful. 

But they’re not.

Marvin is an expert on water issues and leading a new patent-pending methodology to solve this problem. 

The end results of his BUWA Conservation By-Design™ method is that the oil industry provides irrigation water to the agricultural industry, who then isn’t draining the aquifer to grow our food. 

In short, your audience doesn’t realize just how dangerously low the aquifers are throughout the Western states and how without a new solution, there might not be water from their kitchen faucet.

Marvin is a charming interviewee, having had a successful career as a PRCA Rodeo Clown and advocate for anti-drug and anti-bullying campaigns throughout our schools. He lives with his wife, Darlene, the owner of Encore Green, in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Marvin Can Speak To These Topics

  1. What the audience landowners might can do on their own land for more water and more revenue.
  2. Why this isn't a beat-up-the-oil-company conversation.
  3. The aquifer situation — will there be water for my shower tomorrow morning?
  4. It’s said that in the West, “We talk about whiskey, but fight about water.”  Marvin has a unique perspective on what contributes to this mindset.
  5. The history of water in the Western states - from BrighamYoung and Buffalo Bill to today’s state engineers.
  6. “Produced water” (which really isn’t that at all) is being “disposed of” (which isn’t really that at all) at an alarming rate. Find out why political “naming” has made us not realize what’s actually going on.
  7. Last year 880 billion gallons was “disposed of” in the US. Marvin and BUWA track Wyoming’s water disposal rates HERE.

When booked, BUWA will provide sample questions, full bio, and other resources to facilitate the interview process.